One Day Your Prosthesis Could Walk For You!

This video shows a robot named Marlo learning to walk on uneven ground.  The robot was developed at the University of Michigan, and uses new advanced algorithms to sense level changes in the ground in real time.  The developers hope that one day this technology will be integrated into lower limb prostheses to help prosthetic wearers walk more safely and efficiently.
This will very likely be the next evolution of prostheses from the current bionic devices that United Prosthetics provides today.  For example, many Touch Bionics i-Limb hands and Ottobock C4 knees have been featured in previous posts on United patients.  These bionic devices have revolutionized prostheses, and we have been able to achieve amazing outcomes for patients who otherwise would have been limited in there everyday lives.  As these robotic devices become available to the masses, we look forward to utilizing them too!
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