Upper Extremity Prostheses

Delivering a century's worth of knowledge in our products.

United Prosthetics prides itself on the fact that our specialists are among the most skillful and experienced in the industry.


The majority of our prosthetists have decades of experience, and any new additions to the company have access to unparalleled training. We recognize that superior technical skills are only the necessary foundation, and that what distinguishes us from our competitors is an intimate knowledge of “real life” prosthetic application.

Due to our vast experience we are able to unequivocally treat all levels of upper and lower extremity amputations, including cases that have been deemed “difficult to fit” by industry standards. Upper extremity amputation sites include: above elbow, below elbow, partial hand, wrist disarticulation, elbow disarticulation, shoulder disarticulation, and intra scapular thoracic amputations.


The key to producing a prosthesis that is of proper fit and function hinges on the sound construction of the socket. The socket is the portion of the prosthesis that comes into contact with the patient’s residual limb, and to which the necessary componentry is attached. Similar to how a poorly fitting shoe can cause discomfort, so too can a poorly fitting socket.

When it comes to socket fabrication, there is absolutely no substitute for nearly a century of evolved craftsmanship, and no amount of high tech componentry will compensate for an ill-fitting socket. Our proven techniques guarantee your comfort and safety, giving you peace of mind and confidence, as you focus on living life.

Options by Design

United Prosthetics takes full advantage of today’s available technology. Current biomedical technology allows our specialists to custom fabricate for an individual anatomical fit, while observing the guidelines of insurers and healthcare providers.

Natural motion, stability and control are best achieved with a simple design approach and embellished upon with a combination of lightweight material and versatile joint components. Outer appearance can be customized to individual desire with skin matching and socket styling. Although, many patients choose to leave the modern components exposed.

With new, improved generations of O&P products arriving every year, United Prosthetics stays ahead of the technology so patients can concentrate on what’s important… maintaining active lifestyles! 

Taking strides toward enhanced living

Quality components and caring one-on-one service keeps United Prosthetics one of Boston’s leading healthcare services. Ottobock, Ossur, College Park Industries, Freedom innovations, and TouchBionics are just a few of the high quality brands we use. Our skilled craftsmen combine them with custom molded elements for a “true fit”, assuring each patient optimum function, performance and comfort.

Every step of the way we make sure the best care is given. From a direct-consultation with your physician to direct billing with insurance companies, our goal is to achieve a successful and trouble-free process. We can even negotiate with your insurer to advocate the best quality results for your plan’s coverage.

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