The Practitioner’s Perspective

The Practitioner’s Perspective

The practitioners’ perspective

United Prosthetics is a full-service fabricator. We use only high-quality components from major manufacturers to develop the optimum patient solutions. All work is customized for the individual and our on-site craftsmen can skillfully affect modifications while patients rest comfortably in our private fitting rooms.

We fabricate and fit directly on the premises, and our skilled practitioners have a full understanding of how to accommodate a variety of needs. Our patient-centered approach emphasizes comfort, performance, and appearance while directly addressing prescribed medical requirements.

Technique meets technology, as our certified staff applies their insight for providing the optimum hardware solutions. With the rapidly changing technology of lightweight polymers, complex electronics, and dynamic response mechanisms, United Prosthetics takes pride in keeping informed of the availability of new products and how to incorporate them into existing, proven designs. We help patients address issues regarding quality of life, limited mobility or encumbered daily activities and work directly with healthcare providers for achieving the best care.

Every patient offers a unique opportunity for developing a specialized solution to suit the individual’s needs and helps to further build our staff’s skills and knowledge. This is the foundation for providing the best O&P care possible. We offer a free introductory consultation and welcome most insurance plans with direct billing for your convenience.

All of our patients receive an in-depth assessment for establishing treatment, personal fit & fabrication, as well as our commitment to caring. Our approach achieves high levels of positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.