Frequently Asked Questions

United Prosthetics takes the health and safety of our patients very seriously.  We comply with all state and federal regulations concerning COVID-19.  Though nearly all of our practitioners have been fully vaccinated, we continue to adhere to the highest standards, including wearing PPE at all times; spacing-out patient appointments throughout the day, and frequent, thorough cleaning of common areas and fitting rooms.

An orthosis, or brace, is a device used to provide support or correction to the limbs or spine that may be affected by disorders or injury.  United Prosthetics offers a full array of custom and prefabricated lower extremity, upper extremity, and spinal orthoses.

prosthesis is an artificial body party.  United Prosthetics provides prostheses to individuals with all levels of limb loss due to amputation or congenital anomalies.  

United Prosthetics offers initial evaluations at no cost to determine if you are a candidate for prosthetic use.  As part of that evaluation, our insurance experts will check your prosthetic and clearly explain your coverage, including any potential balances.

Receiving a prosthesis from United Prosthetics is just the beginning of your relationship with us.  Like any mechanical device, your prosthesis will need routine maintenance.  We will provide you resources with information about how to best clean and care for your device when you receive it. We will schedule routine follow-up appointments to ensure your prosthesis stays appropriately fitting and functioning.  

If you experience discomfort for any reason, you simply need to call us at, 617-436-6110 and we will get you scheduled immediately to have your device evaluated and/or adjusted.  

Most insurance plans have some type of prosthetic coverage.  As part of your initial evaluation, our insurance experts will check your prosthetic benefits and clearly explain your coverage to you.  Our skilled administrative staff will also gather any needed detailed prescriptions, referrals, insurance forms, and prior authorizations.