Using An i-Limb Access Hand For The First Time!

Using An i-Limb Access Hand For The First Time!

Watch the Power of Five Articulating Fingers with Ossur i-Limb Access Hand Prosthetics

Here’s a quick video of Jim, a member of the United Family, using his brand new Ossur i-Limb Access hand to stack some blocks in our Quincy office.  This is a pretty impressive task considering it was the very first time he had used the hand, and with a little practice he will be able to perform even more intricate tasks. 

Three-Finger Pinch Technique

The ability to use all five individually articulating fingers is one of the primary benefits of an i-Limb hand, which is unlike other electric hands that typically employ a “three finger pinch” technique. This feature, combined with the i-Limb hand’s ability to utilize preprogrammed grip patterns, will be immensely beneficial to Jim in his day to day activities as a high-end automobile technician. 

using an ilimb hand for the first time to use a computer laptop