United We Stand!

Kelly, one of the most fabulous members of the United Family, took the opportunity this week to show off her new custom cover (and painted toe nails)!  The cover features a custom drawing by designer Lindsay Mason of French Knot (FrenchKnotStudio.com).  Lindsay is the sister of Julianne Mason, CPO (Kelly’s prosthetist) who is pictured with Kelly. The sketch is of three women sporting dresses and different types of prostheses and the slogan, “United We Stand”.

It seems like everywhere you turn these days you see a prosthesis.  And it seems like the ones you do see are getting more and more unique.  As people start to view their prostheses as badges of honor, they take the opportunity to express themselves through custom covers, tattoos, etc.Long gone are the days of limb loss being a stigma. In many cases, it seems like the people we talk to that are affected by limb loss view it as an opportunity to illustrate their perseverance and achievements.