United Prosthetics: First in Boston to Fit Infinite Socket!

Patty (a very charming member of the United family) reported back this week that she is loving her new Infinite Sockets.  One of the advantages to her is the reduced time to get in and out of the prostheses because of the adjustable feature of the sockets.

She is pictured here with Julianne (her prosthetist), wearing the new sockets on her foreshortened prostheses (commonly called “stubbies”).  The foreshortened nature of these legs have many benefits, but primarily increase stability, maneuverability, and decrease energy expenditure while walking.

The Infinite Socket is a new socket design available to above knee and knee disarticulation amputees (http://www.liminnovations.com/).  The major benefit to this socket design is that it gives the wearer the ability to self-adjust the socket fit, which eliminates the need to use prosthetic socks to increase or decrease socket tightness.  This can be an empowering feature for those amputees that experience volume fluctuations throughout the day, in that they don’t need to interrupt their daily activities to focus on their prostheses!

Contact us if you are interested in this socket design to find out if you are a candidate.