Stronger Hits the Small Screen this Week!

Which will give all of you United Prosthetics fans a chance to pause and rewind all your favorite scenes, in a virtual game of, “Where’s Gary Martino?”.  As many of you know, United Prosthetics was fortunate enough to be featured in the movie Stronger, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal portraying Jeff Bauman on his road to recovery after losing both his legs in the Boston Marathon bombing.  We were honored to accept Jeff’s invitation to be a part of the telling of his story, and were pleased to see the overwhelmingly positive response the movie received.  So in light of the fact that Stronger will be available on demand this week, we figured we’d share a behind the scenes look at the making of the “prop” prostheses.
For those of you who don’t know, Gary Martino can be seen in these pics wearing the blue sweatshirt- he was primarily responsible for fabricating the prop prostheses that Jake Gyllenhaal wore during the filming of the movie.  Gary is pictured with Richard Federman, CPO, Julianne Gupta, CPO, and Ashley Rinck, CP, who were all extras in the movie. In this picture the four of them are holding plastic test sockets that were made to casts of Jake’s leg.  These were used to fit to Jake in order to work out some of the special effects concerns, and finalize the design necessary to ensure the most realistic appearance.  The final versions of the movie/prop legs themselves can be seen in the two pictures here- in one they are being held by Chris Cadigan, a technician at United Prosthetics who also assisted in the fabrication of the legs.
Finally, Julianne is pictured demonstrating the firmness of material used to fabricate another prop (or at least we think that’s what she is doing)…
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