Peter Damon featured on CBS Evening News!

We were excited to see Peter get the opportunity to show off his immense talents on the national stage the other night.  His story is beyond inspiring.  He started painting after losing both his arms in Iraq.  In the article, he points out that the type of prostheses he wears are not the most “high tech”, but they are what works the best for him.   This is the most essential aspect of a prosthesis- beyond the “high tech” features, beyond the aesthetics- does it work for you!  This has always been our driving goal at United- providing appropriate prostheses to help you regain your independence, whether they are cutting edge technology or time-tested designs.  See more of Peter’s work at True Grit Art Gallery!  #unitedprosthetics #prosthetics #art #truegrit

Read the full CBS article about Peter here!