Paul Fit Three Hip Prostheses This Week!

Paul Martino, C.P. and President of United Prosthetics fit three hip prostheses this week that utilized the latest Bikini Socket Design, Ottobock Helix Hip Joints, and Ottobock C-legs. Bikini Sockets are the lightest and most secure fitting sockets for individuals with hip or hemi-pelvectomy amputations, and are different in that they don’t encompass the entire pelvis like older style “bucket” sockets. The “bucket” is replaced with two adjustable straps that come over the crest of the pelvis giving the wearer increased control and comfort.
Hip level amputations are less common, therefore hip prostheses are less common than other types of limbs (like below knee prostheses for instance).  Paul has been fitting hip prostheses for over 40 years and is one of the most, if not the most, experienced individuals in fitting this level of amputation.  A representative from one of the major suppliers of prosthetic componentry, who happened to be at United this week, saw these prostheses and commented that he’s been all over the world and never seen three in a facility at the same time…”we must be doing something right!”  We appreciated the compliment and are inclined to agree.
Julianne Gupta, C.P.O. and Paul can be seen holding two of the three prostheses.  How about a smile next time Paul!
Julianne Gupta holding a prosthesesPaul holding a prostheses
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