New App for Lower Limb Prosthesis Users!


Earlier this month Ottobock, a prosthetics company Minneapolis, MN, released a smartphone app, “Fitness for Amputees,” offering simple exercise plans to help lower-limb prosthesis users stay healthy, increase balance, and maximize mobility. It’s a free, self-managed, workout regimen that was developed by physical and occupational therapists.

The workout itself consists of two sets, one focusing on classic exercises, as if there wasn’t a prosthesis, and the second more geared towards increasing balance, mobility, and control with the prosthesis. The app has varying levels of difficulty, and has an intuitive design making it easy to use. Ottobock also created the app without any affiliation to a specific prosthetic product, and there is no additional equipment needed to get started. Currently it’s available for the iPhone and iPad, but not android devices.