Katie O’Halloran Overcame Incredible Obstacles to Get Arm & Leg Prostheses

One of the greatest parts of what we do here at United is that we continually get to meet people from all over the world who have overcome incredible obstacles to accomplish incredible tasks in their lives.  Katie O’Halloran is no exception!
Katie is from Ireland and has travelled to the U.S. to have both her arm prostheses and a leg prosthesis fabricated by United Prosthetics.  The article gives a brief introduction to the process, but stay tuned as there will be more updates to follow.
As a side note, the article incorrectly describes the type of arm prostheses that she is getting- they will be myoelectrically controlled above elbow prostheses that utilizes a COAPT control system to control Boston Elbows (manufactured locally by Liberating Technologies) and I-Limb Ultra hands (manufactured by TouchBionics).  These arms are some of the most technologically advanced prostheses commercially available at this time.
We are thankful to have the opportunity to help Katie achieve her goal of independence!