Joe Lemar’s Personal March of Progress!

Joe Lemar’s Personal March of Progress!

Former Paralympian, Joe Lemar, gave us an impromptu walk through the evolution of prosthetic running feet- using his own United Prosthetics fabricated prostheses from the past three decades as props!  As Joe mentions, these running legs span a timeline from about 1992 to 2017.  He ran the 800m event in which he held the world record many times, and three of the legs shown here helped him do it.

History of Prostheses

United Prosthetics has a long history of fabricating running prostheses, which includes making modifications to componentry that later went on to become the industry standard.  Look out for upcoming posts about some of the individual legs seen in the video and what made them ahead of their time!  #UnitedProsthetics #Prosthetics #oandp #amplife #paralympics #TeamUSA #running #boston #quincy #brockton #FlexFoot #Ossur #FreedomInnovations #TBT

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