Gary T. Shows Off His Golf Prowess!

United Prosthetics Family Takes On The Master’s Tournament

We know with the Masters Tournament happening everyone is in a golfing mood.  Gary T, a member of the United Family, won a tournament at the Royal Palm Country Club near his home in Florida and was kind enough to share these photos of himself and his winning teammates.  Gary wears a left below-knee prosthesis with an Ossur Proflex Pivot foot.  The Proflex Pivot foot is unique in that it has a greater range of ankle motion and power at push-off in comparison to other prosthetic feet.  This would certainly be beneficial to Gary out there as he walked the entire course- increasing the efficiency of his gait and reducing energy consumption.  The range of motion at the ankle would allow the foot to rest flat if he were traversing the steep wall of a sand trap for instance…though we’re assuming he didn’t have that need!
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