Femita Featured in People Magazine!

This week Femita, Paralympian and member of the United Family, was featured in a People Magazine article in the lead up to her events at the Tokyo Paralympics.  The photos in the article highlight her and her running blade prosthesis in action.  They really capture the essence of what is possible when people and technology are “united” seamlessly to achieve maximum performance.
In the article Femita discusses her journey as an amputee and how receiving her donated running prosthesis was a pivotal moment in her life.  Her running prosthesis was fabricated by United Prosthetics using the gifted blade she mentions in the article.  The article concludes with a quote from Femita saying:  “When they gave me that blade [for the first time], I wanted everyone to know it was for a reason, and they gave it to the right person”.
To Femita we say:  “We never had any doubt!”
Read the full article about Femita here!