David’s Secret to Jumping Rope with a Prosthesis…

David has returned to the gym and looks to be in peak physical condition based on these videos he shared with us.  He can be seen using his above-knee prosthesis with a running style foot to jump rope, do jumping jacks, and run on a treadmill.

If you’ve been following our posts you’ll know that David is a long time member of the United Family.  He has had success with many types of socket designs, suspensions, knees, and feet.  Evidence that there is not one perfect design that suits every person- and sometimes not even one design that suits all their needs throughout their lives (i.e. running leg, “stubbies”, suction vs. pin suspension, etc.).   And though we’d love to take all the credit because we were able to provide every socket design that David has required throughout his long journey as an amputee- the truth is, all of his success is solely attributable to his hard work.

So his secret is no secret at all- determination and perseverance breeds extraordinary results.
Check out our Youtube to see more of David’s progress!