David Sengeh and MIT engineer more comfortable prosthetic sockets

David Sengeh has made it his mission in life to help those who use prosthesis, and to make their lives as comfortable and unencumbered as possible. Growing up during Sierra Leon’s civil war, David, was exposed to huge amounts of people who lost their limbs because of the violence. Many of whom refused to use their prosthetics because, simply put, the socket wasn’t very comfortable.  Since David has endeavored to find a formula of sorts to engineer a more comfortable prosthetic socket. During his PhD residency at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he found an answer. Using magnetic Resonance Imaging and a 3D printer he was able to produce sockets specific to the individual, with minimal pain or discomfort. Here he is during his TED talk last month talking about his accomplishment and what it means to him, and those he’s trying to help:


United Prosthetics is excited to see all the great advancements in Prosthetics and Orthotics. We congratulate David for his hard work and applaud the product he has able to produce.