David Pays Homage to His Retro Peg Leg with a New UNYQ Fairing!

David is a long time member of the United family, who was in this week to receive his new UNYQ fairing.  As you can see the UNYQ fairing is a hard plastic protective covering that can be custom designed to the wearers liking, offering many different color and shape options.


David chose to go with a Wood Grain design for his fairing, which reminded us of an old picture we had in the vault of David “in his youth” sporting an actual wooden peg leg (and a leather jacket).  David’s style has always been unique, and long before fairings existed, he called on United Prosthetics to fabricate the wooden peg leg to demonstrate his individuality.  We were happy to do so, and the wooden peg leg was fashioned and attached to his modern prosthetic socket.


United Prosthetics is currently the only UNYQ Fairing Hub in New England (http://unyq.com/) so if you want demonstrate your individuality, give us a call and we can get started.