Bionic 5K 2020 Goes Virtual!

Hey, anyone recognize that burly runner on the Bionic 5K 2020 poster? If the profile shot and sunglasses make it tough we included an additional pic of him in his full glory. That’s right- United Family member Bill Kennedy from last year’s Bionic 5K!

This year’s Bionic 5K will be a virtual race held this weekend. We were looking forward to seeing our United friends and family out there on the course and witnessing some newer amputees accomplish their first road races. We hope you all can still get out there and participate in the virtual race. We’ll be on the lookout for your posts and will be sure to share if we get our hands on any pics! Use these hashtags #bionic5k #unitedprosthetics #prosthetics #limbloss #oandp #amputeestrong #amplife #fitness #boston #quincy #running #run