Susan made the difficult decision to have both of her legs amputated below the knee after a decade of complications with her feet.  Within several months of receiving her prostheses she was living healthier than she had in years, and even attends regular exercise boot camps.  Here story is truly remarkable: 

I’ve been a bilateral below the knee amputee since 2019.  Deciding to amputate wasn’t easy, 10 years of complications with my feet, continuous open wounds that wouldn’t heal, infection after infection… I needed a better quality of life… and it has turned out to be the best decision for me.

Choosing United Prosthetics was an important part of that decision.  I was already familiar with the company and had a relationship with Henry Adorno, CO (my orthotist), who has helped me with shoes, braces and medical boots since 2010.  Before deciding to amputate, researching was my first priority.  I received a pamphlet from the hospital after my amputation and they were the first ones to be recommended by other amputees I had an opportunity to meet.  It was another confirmation for me and it felt right.

Being a new amputee, has had its challenges.  The process of putting on the prostheses, taking steps felt overwhelming and honestly intimidating.  After explaining my fears from the very first day of casting to the day I tried them on, Julianne Gupta, CPO (my prosthetist) has always assured me and comforted me every single time.  She told me it was okay to feel this way and assured me it would get easier and at every visit it has and continues to gets easier.  She’s really a true friend to me…