Richard Cripps

Way back in the year 1950, I was a kid with ants in his pants (as me Ma used to say) I was going to a job, took a short cut through an abandoned train station and had a hassle with a freight train. Needless to say, the train won the hassle big time.

Fast forward……… 2007 I’ve been wearing two above the knee prostheses since. Back in the 50’s the legs were nothing more than stuff they were fitting WW 1 amputee veterans with. They got you around in a fashion, but they were torture chambers.

I’ve worn just about everything that the industry has devised since then.

Now for the good stuff… Around ten years ago I saw an ad in a local newspaper put in by United Prosthetics and decided to give them a visit. The rest of this story is nothing but Happy, Happy, Happy.

I wear a pair of C-Legs and get around better now than I have in the past

Earlier today I was doing some things around our home and realized that I had been walking, standing, going up and down stairs, and three hours had passed without sitting down. Ten years ago, before getting involved with United, I was lucky if I could stand or walk for a 15 minute period without having to sit down because of the pain that I would experience. It is amazing when you get involved with the real experts. Truly amazing…  20 years.

Richard Cripps