Joanne Aspeel

In 2000, Joanne contracted Bacterial Meningitis which resulted in the amputation of her left leg in December of that year.  After remaining in the hospital for several months she found herself undergoing the same procedure on her right leg.  “I had gone from an able bodied person to a bilateral amputee in a very short time, so the transition was obviously tough.”

Despite this drastic change in her life, Joanne was in good physical condition and was able to progress quickly, “…my balance was good and I was up walking with crutches within two weeks, I progressed to a cane and within a year I was walking pretty well on my own… having three kids to take care of and keep up with certainly forced the situation, but I am glad because it helped me to stay focused”.

Joanne falls under the “difficult to fit” category within the industry.  “I always experienced pain in my left leg even before the amputations, combined with the fact that I wear prostheses on both sides makes it complicated… I tried other places before coming to United and they couldn’t get it right… the difference at United is Paul was willing to take as much time as needed to make me comfortable… he never gave up until I was satisfied.”