Jimmo was shot in the aorta and given a 5% chance of survival.  That experience has changed his life, and he has used it as motivation to conquer and thrive.  Here’s his story:

I have been an amputee since 2016.  I lost both my limbs below the knee after I was randomly shot close range with a desert eagle.  The bullet hit my aorta, broke my bottom rib and lodged between my second and third ribs on the left side.  The incident occurred on July 21st, 2016. A day I will never forget.

I met Julianne Gupta, CPO (my prosthetist) while I was an inpatient at Boston Medical Center.  She came in my room, introduced herself and asked if she could explain the process I was about to go through.  At the time she wasn’t trying to get me as a client.  She simply answered all my questions and allowed me to begin to think about a future using prosthetics.  She gave me a list of other prosthetic companies to view and told me to call them and get as much info as I could.  I called all of them and they all told me they wouldn’t even talk to me until I was ready to be fitted… It was at that moment I called Julianne back, she answered and I never spoke to another prosthetist!

Being a new amputee was the most difficult adjustment I’ve ever had to make in my life.  Julianne allowed me to contact her at any time.  Any questions I had she knew the answers, and when she didn’t, she found out and got back to me.  Early on, I was also struggling with steps and pivoting.  She was super knowledgeable and gave me tips that would speed up my recovery process!  The most important thing for a new amputee is knowledge and comfort (meaning find someone that is knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable).  Because the world will make us feel uncomfortable some times.