I have been an amputee since January of 2018.  I was in a car accident and as a result a blood clot formed in my hip and my left foot.  The blood clot was misdiagnosed by several doctors for about three weeks following the accident.  By the time they figured out what the true issue was, despite great efforts, they were not able to save my foot.  At that time, I became a below the knee amputee.

While I was in the hospital recovering, we were given a list of local prosthetic companies in the surrounding Boston area.  I had recently seen an episode of Chronicle about United Prosthetics on TV so I recognized the name and knew the history and reputation of the company and its roots in Boston.  I chose United because after setting up my initial consultation it had a small company feel but with a large organization’s experience and knowledge about supporting patients.  I immediately felt a level of trust and comfort at a time that there were so many unknowns to me.  The advice and support I received in the beginning and continue to this day is second to none.  I could call Greig Martino, CP (my prosthetist) or text him anytime of the day or night.  That level of customer service isn’t common in any industry!  Ultimately it came down to my comfort level and confidence in a company that wasn’t just there to make a buck, but to guide you through a difficult and often frustrating process.

Initially I was very overwhelmed with my new life as an amputee.  There is an abundance of information on the internet about peoples’ journeys and expectations, but those are individualized experiences.  United helped me to not only learn about how and when I would walk again but they also introduced me to other amputees.  The bond in our community is amazing but it isn’t naturally brought together unless you join certain groups.  United essentially is the type of company that wants patients to share experiences, challenges and opportunities.  I learned more from Greig and his team about what to expect than I did from any article on the internet.  I’m extremely proud to be a partner of United Prosthetics.  And that is just what this is, a partnership.  The staff and their team go above and beyond in every aspect of the organization, from making your prosthetic, to testing, and to ultimately learning to walk again, and in my case run!  In less than a year, I was running…  As I type this it gets me choked up to think about how far I have come, and how much United has been a part of my journey.

United Prosthetics has the longevity, expertise and customer service that any organization would be proud of.  You become more than just a patient or customer, you become more like family.  Every time I go in for a fitting or adjustment, the staff all are very personable, kind and very informative.  United Prosthetics is a company which should be highly touted as an expert in their field!