I had my amputation on June 3rd, 2015.  I had cancer in my hamstring (myxoid liposarcoma) which resulted in an amputation of my leg at the hip joint.

If you don’t find it to be an overwhelming experience to be a new amputee, there may be something wrong with you ūüėȬ† The thing that stuck out most in my mind, was when I was handed a list of about 20 prosthetic companies and was told to choose.¬† As if losing my leg, and enduring grueling rehab wasn’t enough, I had to make a decision I knew absolutely nothing about…it was the furthest thing from my mind at the time.¬† The day I finally decided to reach out to prosthetic companies, I learned I was actually being discharged the next day.¬† United Prosthetics was the first company to get back to me, and even came to the hospital early the next morning before my discharge to save me a trip back into Boston.¬† They brought an entire hip setup (which is rare to have in office as it is not a common amputation site) so I could check it out.¬† The minute I started talking with them, I didn’t feel like a patient, I already felt like family.

I chose United because they made me feel comfortable from day one. ¬†They responded to my inquiry immediately and were visiting me the next day in hospital. ¬†They also treated my family extremely well. ¬†Cancer/amputation doesn’t just affect the patient, it affects the family. ¬†Paul Martino, CP (my prosthetist) took great care in explaining everything to not only me, but my family, putting us all at ease and making us feel comfortable with the whole process.

You have to be very comfortable with your prosthetist, they are literally building a part of your body.  Everyone I have dealt with at United, from prosthetist, to intern, to front desk have all been nothing short of amazing!  United is not only family owned and operated, but as a patient, you become family too!