Lawrence’s Story: Accomplishing Independence After Receiving Two i-Limb Prosthetic Hands

Watch Lawrence’s Story as He Accomplishes Challenging Fine Motor Tasks After Recently Receiving Two New i-Limb Prosthetic Hands

As a quadrilateral amputee (missing both legs and both hands) Lawrence has considerable challenges when it comes to performing even the smallest tasks. Despite these challenges, with his positive attitude and new i-Limb hands, he is able to open up considerable opportunities to improve his independence and lifestyle.

i-Limb Prosthetic Hands Allow for Quick Skill Excelling & Less Need for Assistance

In this video, you can see him marvel at his newfound ability to put his own hat on his head, as well as sign a document without assistance. These were tasks he picked up within minutes of receiving his new hands.  With additional practice and therapy, he will continue to gain vastly more skills- and with each new skill, the ability to incrementally improve his life.  

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At United Prosthetics, we understand that every patient has unique needs and adjusts to their devices at their own pace in their own way. By providing a comprehensive care plan, from initial intake and fittings to long-term rehabilitation and follow-up appointments, we strive to ensure each patient can realize their maximum potential with the help of our custom-fit prosthetic and orthotic devices. If you would like more information about i-Limb prosthetics, the process of being fit for a custom device, or to schedule your consultation, visit our contact page or give us a call at 617.436.6110.

FAQs About i-Limb Hand Devices Answered by United Prosthetics

Created by Touch Bionics and Össur Touch Solutions, the i-Limb prosthetic hand is a revolutionary technology that allows patients to control individual fingers precisely. It is an external prosthesis consisting of a battery-powered, robotic hand controlled by electrical signals from myoelectric sensors. To learn more about the i-Limb device and schedule a consultation to find out if it is the best option for your needs, contact United Prosthetics at 617.436.6110 today.

The i-Limb prosthetic hand offers a range of features that make it the perfect device for those with limited hand mobility. The main benefit is its unique ‘grip and release’ technology, which allows users to effectively and accurately pick up items, from small objects like coins to larger objects such as cans. Additionally, the device boasts quick response times to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. It also provides a greater range of motion than traditional prosthetic solutions, allowing users to perform complex gripping tasks and more basic daily activities like brushing teeth or combing hair.

When adjusting to a new prosthetic hand, practicing basic fine motor skills is important. Simple activities like writing, tying shoelaces, or picking up objects of various sizes can help you get used to regulating pressure, speed, and finger control. It’s also important to focus on grip strength and endurance by doing repetitive exercises that can strengthen the muscles around the device and increase its longevity.

Depending on your medical history, daily lifestyle, age, range of motion, and other individual factors, the i-Limb prosthetic may be the best option for you. Generally speaking, due to its advanced design, it is ideal for those with limited hand mobility who need a device suited to more complex tasks. To determine if the i-Limb prosthetic hand is the right solution for your needs and lifestyle, contact United Prosthetics today at 617.436.6110.

Each insurance company and coverage policy offers different levels of coverage, so it is best to consult with your provider to determine if this prosthetic device will be covered. The staff at United Prosthetics can help you understand the process and provide guidance on any additional steps you may need to take. Contact us at 617.436.6110 for more information and to determine if your insurance plan is accepted at our office.

Yes, receiving therapy after being fitted for a prosthetic device is highly recommended. Physical therapy can help you adjust to your device by teaching you how to use it properly at a pace and intensity that’s right for you. To learn more about how to find the best post-fitting plan for you, contact United Prosthetics at 617.436.6110 today.

If your i-Limb hand is not functioning properly, it is important to contact United Prosthetics as soon as possible. We can evaluate the issue and provide a solution allowing you to regain control of your device so you can quickly get back to carrying out everyday activities. Contact us today at 617.436.6110 for more information or to set up a maintenance appointment.

The time it takes to adjust to a prosthetic device depends on the level of mobility prior to receiving the device, how much therapy you participate in, and your individual learning style. To learn more and to create a unique treatment plan that works for you, contact United Prosthetics today at 617.436.6110.

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